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Meet LeAnn Pierce 

New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

LeAnn is an incredibly devoted Mayor who has a track record of stellar accomplishments.   What sets LeAnn apart is that she truly understands and exemplifies the importance of leaving a valued handprint on the future, in her community, and as a mentor for all. LeAnn particularly enjoys being a role model to other young ladies finding their way in today’s world. LeAnn was recently chosen as a finalist in WILMA’s “Woman to Watch” awards in the Public Services category.


LeAnn embodies leadership through her tenacity, resilience, and courage. LeAnn continually balances the needs of the community as a public servant while successfully operating her business Drifters Reef Hotel and being a loving mother to her two sons.  LeAnn’s strong business ethic and spirited collaboration are the hallmark of her impactful leadership.

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